Health & Safety

splash topEvery product I use are professional face painting products, water based and safe. The glitters I use are all cosmetic grade and safe to use near the eyes.

  • Current Covid-19 regulations and guidelines for Face Painters fall under the Beauticians/Makeup Artists Category. When you book with us we promise to adhere to the strictest of hygiene policies to keep your guests and our artists safe.
  • To book with us at this time you must be willing to forward all guest contact information should it be needed for Covid-19 contact tracing. We will only request this information if absolutely necessary. You must also agree to contact Face to face painting and balloon twisting by Mandy should a guest at your event become diagnosed with Covid-19 within 14 days of our booking. If you are not willing to provide this information, unfortunately we cannot go ahead with your booking.
  • Our artists may refuse to paint any person who looks sick, this includes but is not limited to – allergies, mosquito bites, any broken skin, cold / flu symptoms, cold sores, conjunctivitis, sties, eczema, psoriasis, acne, open cuts and grazes, chicken pox, possible infectious skin conditions, coughing, sneezing, runny nose, rashes, red eyes etc
  • You must provide a safe and sheltered area for me to set up, if you can not provide a sheltered area I can supply a marque at an additional cost.
  • I hold a Certificate of Acknowledgement for Infection Control Training – COVID 19
  • I have a current Blue Card to work with children
  • I have Public Liberality Insurance with ‘Duck for Cover’
  • All professional face paints used have anti-bacterial properties and are specifically for use on the face and skin. Face paints are easily removed with face cloth and mild soap & water.
  • Some colors (usually green and blue) may leave a light tint on the skin lasting a day or so.  Baby shampoo, makeup remover or baby oil are all good at removing any residual staining/tinting of the skin.  The natural oils in your skin will push any remaining paint out of your pores within a day and the stain will be gone.
  • Face painters will not paint anyone who does not want to be painted.
  • Children should be well supervised (by a responsible adult) and not left unattended while they are waiting, to avoid disruption.
  • Children (and their actions) remain the responsibility of their parents or party organizers at all times.
  • For sanitary reasons, I will not paint anyone who is or appears to be sick or suffering from cold sores, conjunctivitis, ringworm, sunburn, eczema, any infectious skin condition or open wounds.

TEMPORARY TATTOOS – Glitter Tattoos are created using medical grade adhesive and super fine cosmetic glitter.  Each design will last 3-7 days, assuming no lotions are applied and the design is not scratched.  Glitter Tattoos will wear off over time, but can also be easily removed by soaking it with rubbing alcohol or alcohol based lotion and then rubbing off with a cloth.  Glitter tattoos should not be applied to the face or to anyone with sensitive skin.

PAINT REMOVAL TIPS – The best way to remove face paint with the least amount of staining (and squirming!) is to take a mild face soap or baby shampoo and apply it directly to the painted area WITHOUT water first.  Mush the soap into the paint until it looks like a giant mess, then wipe the paint away with a wet wash cloth.  (I suggest using a cloth you don’t mind getting stained ,as the paint lasts much longer on fabric than faces!).  This will clear away most of the paint with leaving very minimal staining, if any at all.  Then wash the face normally with soap and water to get any remaining product off.  Be careful to wipe paint of gently around the eyes, and not to scrub the face too hard.

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