Services & Prices

splash top2021 PRICE CHART party packagecombine any two of the services to create the perfect party entertainment package. (minimum 2 hour booking).

2021 PRICE CHART face paint

is the perfect addition to any kid’s party, corporate event or fundraiser. Face painting brings fun, excitement and joy to children, teens and adults alike! Our work is vibrant, clean and beautiful with the ability to also create edgy and modern designs if required. (minimum 2 hour booking)

2021 PRICE CHART balloonsis an art form that also delights and entertains – and your guests get to take a little of the magic from your event home with them. (minimum 2 hour booking)

2018 PRICE CHART extras

Travel, tolls and parking – Travel cost may occur if your event is more than 25km from Beenleigh. Tolls and parking fees may be added to total cost if incurred.

Corporate Events Please contact me for pricing options that will suit your event.

Charity Events – *Please note: I receive a lot of requests to donate my services for free to various charity events each year.  While I would truly love to help every great cause, I can not paint for free for everyone. Instead, I select a few charity organizations each year that are closest to my heart and offer my services to them.

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